Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yamaha R1 Hitam Modified

Yamaha R1 Hitam Modified After the war already showing off products via the event motor Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010, 3-7 November 2010 ago. Many of hope appeared when JMS officially released theme "Safety Riding and Eco-Friendly", where the car manufacturers hope will show the ability to spread the spirit of safe driving course is the target visitors. Apparently the hope was realized with a large number of NOL. The theme is not in tune with what is presented.Yamaha R1 Hitam Modified
Yamaha R1 Hitam Modified

Ironic. Seeing this title should be a place to change the mindset of vehicle users in understanding what is driving safety. A class that was originally set as a 'Safety Riding Course' ultimately only be a complement to the presence of the minimal number of participants. I came twice and the second time that I also miss this free training agenda because it was the 'SRC' forced to succumb to a blood donor.Yamaha R1 Hitam Modified


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