Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ben Spies Yamaha M1 Valencia livery

Ben Spies Yamaha M1 Valencia livery

Ben Spies Yamaha M1 Valencia livery Yamaha accepted that Ben Spies abutting year would be putting in a wildcard actualization at the MotoGP division afterpiece at Valencia afore his official about-face to the alternation and added that they would be sending two M1’s anon from Japan and that the accouter would be based on Yamaha’s accumulated colours.

The dejected and white Yamaha in the pic will be displayed at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show after this month, could be what Spies accouter could attending like at Valencia. Elegant and air-conditioned looking, but it looks a little too abundant like what Spies runs on his Yamaha R1 in the WSBK Championship bare the sponsor logos.Ben Spies Yamaha M1

If anyone from Yamaha reads us, we wouldn’t apperception seeing the the archetypal yellow/black/white accouter that Yamaha ran way aback back and active for the Laguna Seca GP in 2005 or the added red and white archetypal that that we saw afresh at Valencia in 2005.


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