Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Modifikasi New Satria 150 Polesan Yoshimura

This time, Indonesian consumers are lucky enough. This is the latest model of the Satria only be marketed in three ASEAN countries with different names. In Thailand are named Raider, while the dagger in the Philippines. Unfortunately, this model appears in the current economic crisis began more mencengkeram part in community or consumer top-class motor.
Satria vs competitors - With this new look, the price of Satria FU 150 . Based on the information internally Suzuki, in two months this Satria is twice the price increase. Finally, with the rupiah anjloknya and because most components are still imported Satria, kenaikkan price is Rp 800,000. The end result, when released, modifikasi motor Suzuki Satria membanderol Rp 17,890,000 (on the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas).

Compared with the main competitors, the Honda CS1, the price difference is almost Rp 1 million. However, the Satria win for superior engine technology, capacity and energy produced. CS1 dipersenjatai Honda engine with SOHC (single overhead camshaft) with a capacity of 125 cc, while Satria DOHC (double overhead camshaft).
For energy, Satria is still superior to the maximum 16 PS@9.500 rpm, while the CS1 12.8 PS@10.000 rpm. Ability torsi Satria maximum yield better also, which is 1.27 kgf-m@8.500 rpm, while the CS1 1.04 kgf-m@7.500 rpm.

Other competitors are Satria Jupiter MX with 135 cc engine which is currently the most expensive version (cast wheel and clutch otomatik) offered the price of Rp 15,050,000. In terms of energy and torsi Jupiter MX is less. 11.33 PS@8.500 maximum power and rpm torsi 1.165 rpm kgfm@5.500.
Lights Home - Changes in light of the Satria is the design and the front fairing. Design similar to the front of the Suzuki GSX-R600. The new version, use the form on the crown and side lights sein with mica-like transparent rabbit ear. The lamp is equipped with a hat or is also called "cowling" pro-black Garnish. Hat with a lamp mounted on the fairing panels menyekrupkannya instruments. Spesifikasi New Satria FU 150

4-tak , DOHC, 4 katup,
silinder tunggal, pendingin udara

147,3 cc
Diameter x langkah

62 x 48,8 mm
Perbandingan kompresi

10,2 : 1
Tenaga maks.

16 PS @9.500 rpm
Torsi maks.

1,27 kgf-m @8.500 rpm

MIKUNI BS 26 - 187
Saringan udara

Sistem starter

Kaki & elektrik


6 kecepatan, 1 ke atas, 5 ke bawah

Multiplat, basah
Suspensi Depan

Teleskopik, pegas spiral dan bantalan oli

Monoshock, lengan ayun, pegas

spiral dan bantlan oli
Rem Depan & Belakang

Ban & Roda Depan

70/90-17 38S


80/90-17 44S


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