Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yamaha Mio Jawara Trial Games

Internusa Racing Team (IRT), Purwokerto, Yamaha Mio I can not only dikebut in street racing and road race. Yamaha Skubek pledge made this so land motor racing. Not participate, skubek the disemplak Hendra akew can even ascend podium in the FFA class 3 event gamesnya Djarum 76 trial. Sangar ...!

To achieve the performance, Starko, mechanical IRT, dramatically change the look Mio. "Engine, frame and foot-foot lot dimodif. Adjusted needs, "said the girl demen distort this.

Composition order skubek kelemahannya have designs on the deck. The need for trial, the form must be operated. "Changed the frame underneath. Hold more in the middle. In addition to strengthen the frame, also the holder for the tank, "said Starko.

Indeed, change was also followed by the degree of slope position komstir. "Kan settings that affect the body. Sought so that the slope of the motor fit well taken various terrain, "Starko reasons.

Forefoot have replaced Suzuki TS125 from komstir to the bottom. Similarly quasi background. "Only in swing arm on the right. But the position of quasi enggak changed, remains on the left, "added the man who gape modif fashion as well.

Action to rock climb the withdrawal trial motor, engine power must be large. Dibore up most easily with the piston 57.5 mm. Hitungannya, so swollen volume cylinder 150 cc. Although only segitu, but enough energy mumpuni. "Enggak dare Bore up too high. Consider what durabilitas engine. Enggak easily broken-down, "Starko reason that manfaatin Thunder piston 125.

Main trial, or grasstrack adventure, need more rounds under the pitiless. So that the concentration of other Starko. "Main tight until snug compression 13.5: 1. Kem changed not too extreme. Duration in a range of 255 ˚. But utamakan design LSA around 105 ˚. Be strong enough lap down, "said the man who ngepos in Sumbang, this Banyumas.

High valve lift (elevator) from the pair valve 28 mm (in) and 24 mm (ex) is also relatively high. "Up to 8.5 mm. Harapanya gas fuel can be more effective entry and add power, "he added.

Other steps to be a big power out to focus more lap down, done in the future change puli. "Kemiringannya changed so 16 ˚. Originally a 14 ˚. Logikanya, kayak use small front overdrive. So even though more lightly, "analysis of this thin guy rada.

Also change the composition roller though more lightly again. "All the average 8 grams. That also supports the rpm get faster rise, "said the mechanic who is also a former racer.


Starko not confess to the ignition research. So far, doi still feel enough. "So, everything is still the standard. Only a little magnet that dipapas. That is, the weight is still above 6 oz. Later research will lead to the ignition, "kilahnya.

DATA Modifications

Front tire: Kenda 70/100x19
Rear tire: Kenda 90/100x16
Carburettor: Keihin PWK 28
Pilot-jet: 40
Main-jet: 125
CVT: Marathon
Valve: Tdr
Kem: CLD dimodif

Author / Photo: Chuenk / Andika


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